Emmsee Sportswear sells Baseball Gloves online and in-store for every position and age group.

The Brands Stocked are Wilson, Mizuno, Easton and Rawlings.

Every position has a different size glove that it is designed for, ask our Team if you have questions.

There is no difference between Baseball and Softball Gloves, except a Glove designed for Softball may have a larger pocket and may be catering for a smaller hand.

Buy online now, we deliver Australia wide.

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Easton Prime Baseball GlovePME 1200BKMO12 inchTumbled buffalo leather tanned soft and game readyVRS ..


Easton Prime Baseball GlovePME 1275BKMO12.75 inchTumbled buffalo leather tanned soft and game readyV..


Mizuno MVP 11.25 inch Baseball GloveDelivery Australia wideGMVP1125 B111.25 inchBio Throwback Leathe..


Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball GloveDelivery Australia wideGMVP1275P212.75 inch The Mizuno MVP Prime s..


Mizuno Prospect Baseball GloveDelivery Australia wideGPP1100Y111 inchThe original technology to help..


Wilson A2000 Baseball GloveDelivery Australia wide1788- have PF88 in stock11.25 inchWilson Glove Mas..


Wilson A2000 B212 SS 12 inch Glove WTA20RB18B212SS 2-piece web. The Wilson A2000 is a..


Wilson A2000 DP15 SuperSkin GM 11.75 inch Glove WTA20RB18DP15GM Pedroia Fit system created..


Wilson A2000 PF88 11.25 inch Glove WTA20RB18PF88 The new 11.25 inch PF88 glove is modeled ..

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