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Easton M10 Catchers Gear Set-Adult-Red/Navy

Easton M10 Catchers Gear Set-Adult-Red/Navy
Easton M10 Catchers Gear Set-Adult-Red/Navy$450.00

Easton M10 Catchers Gear Set-Adult-Red/Navy
Delivery Australia wide
1x Easton M10 Chest Protector
1x Easton M10 Leg Guards (Set)
1x Easton M10 Catchers Helmet
Size: Adult (approx ages 16 and up)

Easton M10 Chest Protector
Asymmetric design optimizes the play of a right-handed throwing catcher
Multi-layer perforation allows heat to quickly dissipate
ZERO SHOCK memory foam in abdomen region reduces ball rebound and gives catchers better control of their blocks
Ergonomic adjustable shoulder cap
Over-the-shoulder protection with 3-point adjustment

Easton M10 Leg Guards
Asymmetric designs for the right and left legs
TRUBLOCK anti-roll design creates stability in and out of the blocking position
Inner Knee Protection (IKP) with ZERO SHOCK memory foam where catchers need it most
Adjustable knee pad for customized fit
EXOS ventilation system channels hot air out and cooler air in

Easton M10 Catchers Helmet
Streamlined profile for snug fit
Rear cap designed with a smooth radius for quick removal
ABS plastic shell with strategic venting to keep you cool behind the plate
HYPERLITE EPP foam provides excellent strength-to-weight properties
Features a rubberized matte finish
Matte black steel facemask

 Easton M10 Catchers Gear Set-Adult  (Red/Navy)
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