EvoShield Active DNA Arm Sleeve

EvoShield Active DNA Arm Sleeve

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EvoShield Active DNA Arm SleeveDelivery Australia WideSizes:  Large/Xlarge onlyPackage Includes:1 Active Compression Arm Sleeve.Increased circulation, Improved muscle performance.Engineered ...

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EvoShield Active DNA Arm Sleeve

Delivery Australia Wide

Sizes:  Large/Xlarge only

Package Includes:1 Active Compression Arm Sleeve.
Increased circulation, Improved muscle performance.
Engineered graduated compression. Applied 3D pressure surrounds and stabilizes muscles, reducing muscle oscillation and damaging micro tears.
Increased 02 Levels. Mechanically supports the vascular system to quicken muscle oxygenation and flush lactic acid.
Extended peak performance. Delays onset of muscle fatigue and allows for a longer period of peak performance.