Emmsee Sportswear sells Softball Gloves online and in-store for every position and age group.

The Brands Stocked are Wilson, Mizuno, Easton and Louisville Slugger.

Most positions have a different size glove that is recommended for it, ask our Team if you have any questions.

There is essentially no difference between a Baseball and Softball Glove. A Glove designed for Softball may have a larger pocket and may be catering for a smaller hand.

Buy online now, we deliver Australia wide.

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Mizuno Fielder glove Prospect GPL 1200F2 12-inch312589Delivery Australia Wide12-inchGender Engineere..


Wilson A2000 Fastpitch MA14 GM 12.25 inch Glove WTA20RF18MA14GM 2-piece web. The Wilso..


Wilson A2000 Fastpitch SR32 GM 12 inch Glove WTA20RF18SR32GM 2-piece web. The Wilson A..


Wilson Siren A500 Softball GloveDelivery Australia wideA05RF181212.5 inch- in Grey only with white p..


Mizuno Prospect Finch Softball GloveDelivery Australia wideGPP1155F111.5 inch Youth GlovePowerLock c..


Wilson Onyx Softball Glove Delivery Australia wideRF1612.5 inchThe Onyx has a professional feel off ..


Wilson Onyx Softball GloveDelivery Australia wideFR1512 inch Cat WebKnotless back design to reduce l..


Mizuno Prospect Fastpitch Softball GloveDeliver Australia wideGPL1200F112 inchThe original technolog..


Louisville Slugger Zephyr Softball GloveDelivery Australia wideZRBK6-120012 inchPremium Grade Buffal..

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