First Base

Emmsee Sportswear sells First Base Gloves online and in-store.

The Brands Stocked are Wilson, Easton and Mizuno.

First Base Gloves also commonly called First Base Mitts, are designed to make it easier for the player at First Base to field and catch the ball.

Due to the nature of the First Base position First Base Gloves, like Catchers Gloves, get a lot of use.

Buy online now, fast delivery Australia wide.

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Easton Blackstone Series First Base Glove A130521Fast delivery Australia wideSize: 12.75"Easton’s ne..


Mizuno Franchise 12.5 inch First Base Glove GXF90B3 Fast delivery Australia wide 12.5 i..


Mizuno Franchise First Base GloveGXF90B2Delivery Australia Wide12.5 inchGender Engineering: Pattern ..


Wilson A900 12 inch First Base Glove WTA09RB20BM1212 inchBuilt with a single post web.Allows you to ..

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