Emmsee Sportswear sells Softball Gloves online and in-store for every position and age group.

The Brands Stocked are Wilson, Mizuno, Easton and Louisville Slugger.

Most positions have a different size glove that is recommended for it, ask our Team if you have any questions.

There is essentially no difference between a Baseball and Softball Glove. A Glove designed for Softball may have a larger pocket and may be catering for a smaller hand.

Buy online now, we deliver Australia wide.

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Easton Black Pearl Fastpitch SeriesA130557Delivery Australia WideSize: 12"Get your young player game..


Easton Blackstone Slowpitch SeriesA130535Delivery Australia WideSize: 13.5"The Blackstone Slow-Pitch..


Easton Ghost Flex Fastpitch SeriesGF1200FPDelivery Australia WideSize: 12"Beginner players will love..


Easton Prime Slowpitch Series 14 inch Fielders GlovePM1400SPFull leather Prime cowhide palm and shel..


Easton Slate Fastpitch SeriesSL1275FPDelivery Australia WideSize: 12.75"Easton’s new Slate Fastpitch..


Easton Slate Fastpitch Series 12.5 inch Fielders gloveSL1251FPDelivery Australia Wide Diamond pro st..


Louisville Slugger Xeno Softball GloveWTLXNRF191275Delivery Australia Wide12.75 inch Closed Weave We..


Mizuno Franchise 12 inch Fielding GloveGFN1200F3Style: 312715Size: 12 inchThe Mizuno Franchise Fastp..


Mizuno MVP Prime FP Softball Glove GMVP1250PF3WDelivery Australia WideSize: 12.5" (RHT)Colour: White..

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